has a new website.

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Re: has a new website-- a list of changes I'd like to see (work in progress)

KEH appear to be making adjustments on the fly and in early days.

I doubt they'll let things remain and sounds like they'll be tuning things further.

bkpix wrote:

I emailed them, and got this polite, but slightly dismissive, form response. But you can, as it turns out, have the old site back if you wish:

We are sorry to hear that you are having an issue with our new KEHwebsite. We are excited about the new site, as it was designed to give our customers an enhanced and improved shopping and selling experience. We conducted thorough testing prior to the launch of the new website, but your feedback is vital as we refine the site. We have been in business for over 35 years by listening to our customers, and we are listening to you now.

We encourage you to continue using the new site and making comments, so we can make the best camera site on the web. However, if you prefer to use the old site while we are making upgrades, you still can. Simply click on - - in the lower right hand corner. The classic site will not be around for much longer, so please keep those comments coming.

Thank you again for your feedback! We truly appreciate your loyalty and your business.

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