Are we a bit misdirected?

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Partially true, partially not true

tt321 wrote:

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Gray Drake wrote:

Just a comment about photo quality and it's ability to capture the reality/beauty/emotion of a moment in time. We spend most of our time here (including me) with assessments of the technical marvels of our cameras and our skill with editing.

After looking at this photo taken by my daughter (which I captured off her facebook page), I again humbly realize the effectiveness of the delivery of the essence of the moment to the viewer of the photo has little to do with the technical capability of our equipment or our skill at the computer


It's not very sharp, but the composition/subject is better than 90% of the dreck that people post to this forum. I definitely rate it higher than this lousy Statue of Liberty photo:

I highly recommend that people look to Instragram for better photography.

Because of the emphasis of the forum, "90% of the dreck" posted to it is not meant to be photographic art, but to help illustrate something about some gear. For that purpose, this photo above has no value, unless accompanied with appropriate EXIF data or technical descriptions.

For the purpose of bringing a smile to the reader's face, of course this photo wins against a lot of what's posted here. But that's like saying that even the worst team in the World Cup finals can play better soccer than the best American Football team.

A bigger issue is that there are periodic and quite frequent lectures in this gear-centric forum to the effect that gear is unimportant and why don't we all go out and spend time to improve our photography. This is wholly inappropriate as there are multiple forums on DPR with names ending in the word 'photography'. In my opinion these lecturers should be shown the door swiftly if they have not found it.

This is a forum about gear, that the gear has a nominal purpose is recognized but that purpose should not outweigh interest in the gear itself. The gear may well be unimportant in the entire effort towards that overall purpose, but we should be allowed to concentrate on the gear locally, and leave the overall purpose, or at least denigrations about interests in gear, to be discussed at more appropriate venues.

I have no objection to someone starting a topic that reads "Test shot from 17mm lens" and I would expect that the photo would be such that you could learn something about the technical quality of the lens but that the photo wouldn't be an especially good photo from a composition perspective, and I'm totally OK with that.

But on the other hand, this forum also gets a topics with titles like "Great photos from my vacation!" and then I expect to see photos that are at least as good as what people post on Instagram, and instead I usually see dreck.

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