Nikon Capture nx 2 a petition to Nikon......

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Nikon Capture nx 2 a petition to Nikon......

Some may consider me a dinosaur or worse but I have been using Nikon capture nx 2

since it's inception, am currently using version 2.4.6

I'm really hacked off that Nikon will no longer update this product, I consider this really

bad form from Nikon, not sure why they should want to desert a committed band of followers

of this software.

There will be many out there who will say, move with the times and use lightroom or other,

my argument would be why should we.

I know capture nx2 inside out and have over many years tailored my workflow to incorporate this


It may be considered basic by some but what it does, it does exceptionally well.

I will be sending an email to Nikon expressing my displeasure at the current situation, I'd suggest if enough people did this it could change their mind, wishful thinking maybe but for me it's worth a try.

cheers all, any positive comments re this issue would be welcome.


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