Advice for GPS to use during visit to UK (Yorkshire Dales)

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Re: About Roundabouts...

Guy Parsons wrote:

Isabel Cutler wrote:

We wound up agreeing that we wish we had them here and that people were taught to navigate them when they had their driver's training.

They would prevent a heck of a lot of accidents and traffic jams.

And eliminate some of the idiot gene pool who can't understand how they work

We have roundabouts in Australia and they work fairly well, but get in a mess when the intersection gets too busy, so then they are converted to lights.

Regards..... Guy

Lights on roundabouts really don't work they just cause traffic jams, I recall one set of about 5 lights on one roundabout that caused chaos and were switched off. Quite often on normal intersections when the lights fail the traffic moves more freely.

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