Olympus USA repairs - quality service or bunk?

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Re: Olympus USA repairs - quality service or bunk?

I've had mixed experience with Olympus repair in the USA.  In July 2013, I tripped down a flight of stairs and cracked the screen on my E-P5.  The screen was completely wrecked (unusable), however the camera still worked, and I was able to use it thanks to the VF-4.  When I got back from my vacation, I mailed it in for repairs.

It took them several weeks just to acknowledge receipt.  After several more weeks, I called them up, and they explained that they had been unable to repair the camera yet because they were waiting for a part to be shipped in from overseas.  As September drew to a close, I got increasingly anxious, as I had been planning on using my E-P5 on my honeymoon (over the course of the last 2 weeks of October).   The camera never made it back in time.  I ultimately had to purchase a used E-PM2 on craigslist for use on the honeymoon.  I lucked out and got one for $250, but it did not come with the separate flash.

The E-P5 finally arrived in the mail shortly after I got back from the honeymoon (toward the end of October).

Needless to say, I was angry about the whole experience.  In recompense, Olympus never even attempted to charge me for the repair, even though the damage was my fault and probably not covered under the warranty.  This was nice, but I would rather have gotten the camera earlier and paid the money.  The lack of eye sensor was a big nuisance, as was the lack of any sort of fill flash.

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