Expanded Area AF versus Auto 27.

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Hi Ron,

Hi Dave.

I'm a total novice to the K3 as I've only had it for 8 hrs or so and to top it off it came with no disc or printed manual, but I've now downloaded the manual. I've tried to get the focus points to lock on to the subject so it can follow it, but with no success, having spotted your post you seem to be experienced, could you give some starting settings to put me in a ball park and a couple of tips, if that's not too much trouble?

Go to the Custom Menu. Set Item #16 to 3 (Focus-priority). Set Item #17 to 1 (Focus-priority). Set Item #17 to 1 (Off) if you are tracking the bird against a clear blue sky. Set Item #17 to 2 (Low) if there are very few small obstructions in the frame. Set Item #17 to 3 (Medium) if the obstructions are a bit larger and more of them. Set Item #17 to 4 (High) if theere are a great many obstructions that the bird is fling through, behind, or in front of.

Press the info button twice and select Status Screen. You can turn this back to Off after you understand and make further settings.

On the left side of the camera press and Hold AF Mode. The front edial will select between AF-A, AF-S, and AF-C as seen on the top LCD. Select AF-C. The back edial will select between Sel 1, Sel 2, Sel 3, Sel 4, Spot, Auto-27, or Auto-9. Also note that on the Status Screen you will see for Sel 1, Sel 2, Sel 3, and Select 4 a main red dot surrounded by some pink dots depending on the rear edial selection. When in Spot, Auto-27, or Auto-9 all of the dots are white. Also note that when you use the back edial to set Sel 1, Sel 2, Sel 3, or Sel 4 then releasing the previousl held AF Mode button on the left side of the camera that you can use the up, down, right, or left of the 4-Way controller to select where the red dot falls. This red dot is the main focus point when using Expanded Area AF. To begin with, using the rear edail I suggest you set to Sel 4 and set the red dot to the center. Now that you have things set and understand it you can press the Info Buton twice and turn off the Status Screen.

Press the button on the lower right of the back of the camera until you hear a beep. You can then press the up position of the 4-Way controller to be able to set Continuous Shooting to Hi, Med, or Low. Pressing the button on the lower right again will allow you to select the main focus point if you are in Sel 1, Sel 2, Sel 3, or Sel 4. This is the same as if you are selecting the main focus point when you had the Status Scree turned on.

Pont at your subject and half-press the shutter button until you get focus confirmation. I just wait to hear the beep and the red dot of the main focus sensor comes on. Then press and hold the shutter button fully as you track the bird. If you have Hold AF set to 2, 3, or 4 and if the subject goes behind an obstruction then just continue to follow, as you continue to hold the shutter fully pressed, in the same manner as if the obstruction was not there. When the subject comes out from behind the obstructon the camera should pick up where it left off and continue to track and capture the subjects. Note: The reason for the pink dots that surround the main red dot is so that if for some reason the main red dot is no longer on the subject the surrounding pink dots take over and continue follow the subject.

I hope that helps.

Let us know how it goes and show us some images.


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