Sony a6000 as 2nd body ... what lenses?

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Re: Easy.....used to L glass quality? Consider Zeiss CSCs!!! (pics)

José B wrote:

novak977 wrote:

José, Your pictures will make anyone switch!

love the colours! I develop in Lightroom so tend to forget how nice sony colours are.

5 years ago, A switched from Minolta to Canon, I had 5dMkii back in 09 or 10 with some nice L glass but never fell in love with Canon colours or sensor I guess. They could never come alive the wat Minolta /Sony could. Especially skin tones. So afte a year I settled with Sony.

About the lenses, there was an amazing deal for Zeiss 32mm 1.8 and 12mm 2.8. both for $900.

Both great, small,someone was offering on this forum at cost (now they are back to $2000)

My favourite though is Zeiss 24mm 1.8.

16mm is great if you don;t mind softer edges (noty a biggy for me.

kit is quite decent specially when corrected in PS or LR.

50mm 1,8 is a steal for $250 or so.

Never liked the 55-210 though.

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Hey Novak, thanks for the kind words.

Love the 24/1.8 too, it's my first Zeiss and immediately was floored by the awesome image quality it produces.



Jose, great pictures and I love the Zeiss lenses (I have 9 of them now), but the OP suggests using the A6000 as a second body, and likes it compactness.

For 2nd body usage, cost/budget reasons and compactness, I suggested the E35 + E1650, add in the E20 for super-compactness...

Going with the A6000 and a few Zeiss lenses gets quite costly, quickly, and isn't really very compact any longer. If the colors/sharpness/crispnes/etc is worth it, then, by all means.

Again, I love your A6000 pictures! Keep it coming!

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