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tt321 wrote:

Steven Wandy wrote:

So perhaps the OP's point - and yes I do realize that this is primarily a TECH forum - is valid. Too many people here do poo-poo the more aesthetic aspect of photography while bowing at the almighty alter of the technical aspects of current cameras and lenses. I have no issues or problem with his starting this discussion.

This is out of line, for me, with my understanding of the spirit and the name of the forum. People "poo-pooing the more aesthetic aspect of photography while bowing at the almighty altar of the technical aspects of cameras and lenses" are exactly at home in this forum and should not be denigrated in their home territory. I don't believe there are gear heads going into photography art forums to denigrate the photographer in favour of the gear, but if there were and if I read in a forum where this happened, this would be the exact same response I would have produced.

Why "out of line"? I admitted that this was a TECH FORUM and have accepted the fact that the vast majority of discussions/thread are of a TECH nature. But in my opinion the OP did not "denigrate" anyone, just pointed out that perhaps we are sometimes looking too much at the technical aspect of photography.

And I am sure that there are plenty of posts in photography forums that do lean towards art/asthetics where someone will point out how unsharp/unclear/etc a particular picture is. There was a thread here years ago where someone posted a link to a discussion in one of those "artsy" forums. The thread there was started with a photo by Henri Cartier Bresson (without naming the photographer) and the thread quickly went into the lack of technical excellence in the photo.

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