QZSD tripods/ballheads

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QZSD tripods/ballheads

Does anyone have experience with these tripods? They appear to be relatively new and super cheap. There are a couple amateur reviews of them on Youtube. The Q666 model has a carbon fiber option. The model number bugged me so I went for the Q668 version instead for another $15 which is a little taller. I'm seeing a another brand called BEIKE which is using the identical design.

The ballheads don't appear to be the best but look quite functional. There is a Q1000 version that looks like it has a better ballhead. Each version seems to have a size/weight trade-off going but I like the ability to invert the middle column for macro work and also use it for a monopod.

I bought the Q-668 from AliExpress for $93 and then noticed they were on Amazon as well but for much higher prices, $188. I've had good experiences with AliExpress although it takes a couple weeks to get to the U.S.


Any opinions welcome. These appear to have the features of $250-300 tripods but I'm a bit concerned that something is going to be wrong.

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