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Nikon isn't in the custom camera business

coudet wrote:

Craig wrote:

Perfect upgrade from my 12MP plus a low noise sensor. But NO.......You need 36MP.s and you will like it.

16MP files are plenty big enough for anyones needs. So pros need less MP.s but amours need 3 times as many.. duh.

Why do they push this idea that more MP.s is what amateur photographers need?????

Its ludicrous to give

What's really ludicrous is that you seem to genuinely believe you speak for everyone and that what you need is what everyone needs.


The amount of people seemingly upset that Nikon isn't custom building them a camera is hilarious.

Comments like "16 MP files are big enough for anyone's needs" are completely absurd.  Maybe they are big enough for your needs, and that's great, however you can only speak for yourself, and there are thousands of photographers taking full advantage of 24 & 36MP daily.

Nikon has an absolutely spectacular lineup of cameras covering a wide range of specialties.  Hell, the D810 is 3 capable cameras in 1 with it's crop modes, which is incredible.

Who is forcing you to buy A D800/D810?

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