This is the camera I really want

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Re: I want the opposite camera as yours

Craig wrote:

My problem is I use two cameras at a time shooting weddings and family shoots. With 70-200a and 24-70 lenses

Let me tell you they get real heavy after a couple of hours.

I can't believe how so many people here are so nit picky where you can't express an opinion without be personally bashed

free thinkers..

Yeah, me too use 2 1- series shooting event all the time, with a good carrying system such as blackRapid double strap, it's really easy to manage, I also do long hike with my gears, they are not light by any mean but again easily manageable, actually preferable for me. I had Mirrorless but hardly touched it and ended in up in the closet all the time while my 1DS MK 3 and D800E are always with me. Same here, just expressing my personal preference.

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