Speed Boosted MF lenses or native m43 fast glass?

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Re: Speed Boosted MF lenses or native m43 fast glass?

Heyseuss Hoolio wrote:

hollywoodhawk wrote:

... I would suggest saving up for the native glass for the best overall performance in every way possible.

... full frame is technically shallower, but not by much and the difference is not as drastic as you'd think,

Quite true. The difference between MFT with focal reducer and FF is a crop factor of 1.44 (for 0.72x reducer). You can read about that here. I've actually been using my EP3 with focal reducer far more now, and the 5D hasn't been used much recently.

1.44 isn't bad at all. You're actually getting more effective use of lenses than APS-C cameras.

MFT native lenses are generally sharper. I can't beat the 45 F1.8 or 25 F1.4 in sharpness with my collection of MF glass, but the MF glass does better as far as vignetting and speed. If stopping down to F2, the effective Fstop is F1.4 - so fast lenses give you room to stop down at still be pretty fast.

The 25mm F1.4 is nice and fast, but the 50mm F1.2 on focal reducer is soooo noticeably faster.

If the cost angle were to be discussed, then you should factor in generic focal reducers too. With focal reducers starting at $100, and with a cheap 50mm F1.7/1.8 available for $20 (seriously) you can get the combo for $120. Manual focus isn't for everyone, but for $20 plus a cheap standard adapter, give it a try. If you like it you're opening up a lot of possibilities.

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