Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

Allan wrote:

I was tempted by the FZ1000 as well, but since it's Panasonic's first attempt at a 1" superzoom, I think I'll wait for the next version because there's too many things missing that I hope will be added in the sequel. These things include:

A second control dial in the front. It's already DSLR-sized so there's plenty of room for one. That, or put a control ring around the lens that can be configured by the user for different functions.

I also hope the next version will have a touchscreen. Panasonic's touchscreen interfaces are very, very good and it's a shame the FZ1000 lacks this.

A built-in ND filter would also be a very convenient addition to the next iteration.

Lastly, weather resistance would be nice. Superzooms are used by a lot of people as travel cameras, so it's nice to know that when the weather turns ugly, the camera can have a better chance of surviving due to the environmental sealing.

I'm sure the last three wishes will increase the price significantly ... be careful what you wish for. I think they deliberately left out those to keep the price reasonable (i.e. significantly below the recent RX10 price).

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