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mistermejia wrote:

... You are right, up to a point, but the problem is that new and more and more people come in here to asks questions about fuji cameras because they are planning in getting something new, and everybody here says so many good things about fuji, and what are all the responses from all the fuji experts in here?: "Oh Fuji is the greatest, the IQ is the best, nothings beats it, the colors are unique, the system is so light, the lenses are the best, don't need a FF, the IQ is just as good, I sold all my DSLR equipment and it was worth it, you should do the same, why keep something so bulky and heavy it just makes no sense anymore", etc. etc.

You nailed it. I am less annoyed by my camera quirks than I am by the people who worship Fuji. Since day 1, these people try to tell everyone that Fuji has no problems, then turn around and bash the complainers "why didn't you research before you buy", that's just dishonest.

What they don't know or refuse to accept is that only due to these constant complains do they get their precious firmware updates. Just think about what would happen if the 2012 "AF is great" people got to ban everyone else.

I love my Fuji, but when friends come to me for advice on which camera to get, I make it very clear to them the issues Fuji has and why I'm still with Fuji.

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