E-M1 unraveling. What do I do?

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Re: E-M1 unraveling. What do I do?

Photo Pete wrote:

Unfortunately Nikons are well known for rubber grips detaching. My D800, D3S, D300 and D2x all had to have replacement grips. Not only the camera bodies but the lenses too. My 28-70, 24-70 and 80-400 all needed replacement lens rubbers.

Yikes. You'd think — well, I would think that attaching a rubber gripping material to the plastic or alloy body of a camera or lens would be something camera manufacturers would at this point have completely and totally mastered.

I'm also not sure what is under the EM1 rubber grip, but I certainly wouldn't use superglue to fix it. It is likely that Olympus would be unable to cleanly detach the rubber should they need access for a future repair and would consequently void the warranty.

There's not much under the rubber: seems just to be naked camera body.

The person I spoke to this morning on the phone (the person who took my service order) confirmed that that gluing the rubber back down myself would indeed void the warranty.


Yes, knowing that Nikon is probably worse than Olympus in this regard is cold comfort. It isn't acceptable on any camera, let alone a 'pro' grade one.
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