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Re: Color Profiles: Try C1

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Robin Casady wrote:

I believe she uses Capture NX2 and sends TIFFs to Photoshop.

NX2--how I am going to miss thee. It's Nikon's end of support for NX2 that has caused me to delve into LR and PS. It's been a struggle so far, but I'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

j_photo: in your migration from NX2, ever try or consider the Capture One raw converter?

One of the things that distinguishes Capture One from ACR / Lightroom: Capture One develops and renders RAW with a distinct, custom color gamut for each camera they support. It's an interesting philosophical difference with Adobe, one that contributes to *radically* different default results and adjustment "math."

(For what it's worth, I think the Capture One results tend to look a lot like punchy Nikon defaults--not necessarily my cup of tea, but I know some people love it.)

Although default settings are often all the reviewers look at when comparing converters (dpreview, for expample) I don't think it is a good way to decide on a converter. With Lightroom you can set your own defaults as Presets and have them automatically applied on import. I believe most converters have this ability. So IMO, defaults are pretty much irrelevant.

There was a converter challenge here sometime ago. I bought Capture One Pro 6 because some were saying it was superior to Lightroom. I found that I could duplicate what C16 was producing with Lightroom. No one came up with anything Lightroom couldn't manage. Also, at the time, Lightroom was way ahead of C16 in shadow recovery. I believe C17 has caught up with Lightroom on that, but they were behind the curve.

Lightroom 5 and Capture One Pro 7 have different systems for camera profiles. Lightroom 5 uses Dcp profiles while C1P7 uses Icc.

You can create camera profiles specific for Your camera, lens, and lighting by shooting a certain color card and using the appropriate software to create the profile from that image.

There are two main systems (that I know of) to create camera profiles. X-Rite's ColorChecker Passport and included software (or use Adobe DNG Profile Editor which is free) is the most popular due to X-Rite's reputation and marketing. As far as I can find, these apps will only create Dcp files so they can only be used with Lightroom 5.

QPcard is a small company in Sweden, IIRC. They have the QPcard 203 and QPcalibration software. Their system will produce either Dcp or Icc profiles. So, it should be usable with C1P7 (Icc) as well as Lightroom (Dcp). However, they claim that Dcp is superior to Icc for camera profiles.

I have both systems and generally prefer QPcard.

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