Auto ISO with zooms

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Re: Auto ISO with zooms

Christof21 wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

slowhand73 wrote:

I'm perfectly happy the way the auto ISO mode is working on the Fuji's.

I set the minimum speed according to the situation.

For exemple, if I shoot sports, I don't care about focal length since it's the subject that lead the speed. I then set mim. speed to a least 1/125 or 1/200 whatever the lens (and set the camera on Aperture priority)

As has been pointed out many times, this issue isn't about subject motion blur (e.g. sports shooting). Instead, it's about all of the other occasions which are strictly related to camera motion blur. What percentage of your shots are for sports? For me, it's negligible.

Most people did agree in the original thread that the best implementation would be to take into account both limits to avoid motion blur AND camera motion blur.
This was expressed by Justin_time:
"This is what I'd suggest as perfect auto-iso (for me anyway):
Minimum shutter speed is the higher or:
a) single min shutterspeed value (upto 1/4000th) entered by user (to cover subject blur)


b) 1 / equivalent focal length * user entered multiplier (+-4 stops).
Or Nikon implementation but my preference would be this one.

Agree... that's why I wrote in a prior post:

"Besides, no one is suggesting Fujifilm remove the fixed minimum shutter speed from Auto ISO, just to add an option to let the camera determine the minimum like about every other manufacturer does."

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