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Re: Fuji needs to ditch the Xtrans

Jerry-astro wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

I am not impressed by cameras with xtrans sensors in general. Severely under-sensitive sensors that DPR reviews said off -1/2~2/3 EV from standard ISO while in X-E2 review for example, you can see it actually took double shutter amount time from other cameras (APS-C or FF on Bayer sensors) so its marked ISO 6400 at the same aperture and shutter, other cameras only need ISO 3200-4000 to have the same exposure. That's a huge issue and not sure if it's xtrans sensor related. Also only 16mp and ISO 200 base that are all lagging behind other APS-C competitors. Its little cleaner high ISO is on the price of detail and sharpness, and yes the green cast, or at least needs to be adjusted. I have downloaded these DPR lab test RAWs and went thru both LR5 and CaptureOne Pro v7 that latter process all RAWs better. D7100 or even 70D after applying a bit more NR will have similar cleanness in high ISO but retain resolution and detail better. Xtrans RAW files are not friendly to RAW process software in general especially ACR that is another issue for those used to LR or Photoshop. You're right that lacking of AA filter is not an issue in Bayer's sensors these days as we see in D7100, D5300, A7R (that shows less moire than 5D3 in my experience in real world photos) and D800E in general. Fuji APS-C lenses are excellent nevertheless. So if Fuji is unable to dramatically improve xtrans sensors maybe better for them to use Sony Exmor sensors.

Do you actually own a Fuji or are you simply parroting what you've read here and there? Nor would I necessarily accept downloaded lab image tests as a general statement of fact. I own a 7D as well as an X-T1 and I will tell you that the high ISO performance of the Fuji simply blows the 7D away. Same goes for the low ISO noise performance as well if you have to deal with pulling up shadows and a less than perfect exposure. The ISO difference you speak of is inconsequential and even with restated equivalency based on that difference the noise performance is still better than Canon's APS-C cameras (including the 70D). That would not apply necessarily to their FF cameras (which, if I understand it correctly from your previous posts in the 7D forum, is what you primarily use).

The problem is you're comparing to a very outdated sensor with poor DR and high ISO on that 7D.  It's a different story when you compare to a Nikon or Pentax.

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