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thomas2279f wrote:

Wished Nikon followed Sony's example on the A7/s/r model. Get a D800 and do 4 models; one with the D4 Sensor, one with the D610 24mp, one with the 36mp and one design as a Video Line - 4k. doesn't matter if it affects the D4 sales as Nikon would make the money in sales of Lenses, Flash guns and accessories...

Your scenario would probably be less profitable for Nikon than the one model D810. Four models would cost significantly more $$ to develop, market, and distribute than one model. They would also confuse many customers. Of those who need a new camera, most will adapt to what Nikon has available with the D610, D810, and D4S. The number that go to another brand over megapixel phobia will likely be small. Adding three more models would probably be more expensive than the loss of that small group of customers.

Some may delay purchase, but will eventually get used to the idea of high mp counts and eventually buy Nikon. The slow acceptance of high mp counts can be seen in the D710 threads over the last two years. It started out with most saying they want no more than 12mp. Then it started edging up to 16mp. Later, 24mp began showing up.

There is more value to high mp counts than just resolution for large prints. Around the time of the D800 release there were a number of discussions on whether fewer large photosites produced better IQ than more small photosites. I believe it was Bobn2 and others who explained the technical reasons why, contrary to current mythology, more small photosites were better.

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