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Robin Casady wrote:

j_photo wrote:

I understand there is no color space in RAW. And to be honest, I've worked knowingly and solely in sRGB for years without concern. So I'm not hear to argue against your point of view.

But now that I am trying out Lightroom and Photoshop, I have to pay more attention to color space: LR apparently is working in Adobe RGB, and when I open LR files in Photoshop either I can continue to work in that color space or I can at that point convert to sRGB.

So unless I am misunderstanding LR, whether there is any real-world advantage to working in Adobe RGB or not, I and everyone else using this software is editing in that color space.

I've seen references in several places that say Lightroom uses a proprietary color space for the data. Supposedly, it is called "Melissa RGB" internally at Adobe. Anyway, the way Lightroom edits and displays images gets a bit complicated. There is a PDF that attempts to explain it.

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Fair enough, "it's complicated." But my point is the same. LR users are editing in a larger color space than sRGB. When I move an image from LR to Photoshop, I have to make a decision what color space to continue working in.

(I thought Stacey said she does all her processing in sRGB. So I guess that means she doesn't use Lightroom.)

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