Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: I guess I messed up

A lot of people are having a lot of fun on the web with the 1" sensor solves all the problems in camera design nonsense which emanates primarily from all the hyper-shilling of the RX100 camera. In some ways I hope this expected camera with a 740mm actual focal length comes out. It would be the Spruce Goose of cameras.

Let the fun continue.

phazelag wrote:

phazelag wrote:

I am pretty happy with my RX10 and FZ200, and I see several new superzooms on the horizon.

This rumor looks interesting.

I think I am going to see what options come up over the few months. Sony could do an RX10 Mark2, and I hope fuji jumps into this too.

I realize now after more careful review, that this was likely one of least credible rumors out there. But it is also listed on Nikon Rumors which is rarely posts crap. But my whole point was not get caught up about the merits of the rumor I didn't notice the 2000mm when I first saw it, I just saw P700 with inch sensor. This post was just to say, I would like to wait and see what else it coming. But by me posting this poorly constructed rumor, it has derailed some of the more useful conversation I am used to on this forum. I apologize for posting this. But I am guessing the snickers will continue since very few ever read any clarifications in a thread before replying to the original post.

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