Nikon D600 Dusty sensors

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Re: Nikon D600 Dusty sensors - still an issue?

ManulManolo wrote:

Please post if shutter replacement fixed issue !

They are back :(.... please nikon!
We bought D600 camera, as an early adopters, so it has been paid at the highest price!

The D600 camera now worth nothing compare to a D610 on the second hand market, I lost time, I lost shots, I lost money, on a product with a extension of waranty and the problem is still there!
If I wanted to switch for a new model, pricing would be now exessive because of the devaluation on the D600, and vendors, tells me he can take it back to an honorable price due to? DUST issue.
It's time for Nikon to make a nice move, so we can forget this "error" to sell products that are clearly defective for more than a few users! D600 is a wonderfull product when you remove the Shutter issue!

Nikon, please create the "buzz" around this mess and offer to replace by a 610 or a voucher solution for Nikon products! 
If you created a's because of the D600 shutter issue! Where when you create a D810, it's clearly an upgrade!

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