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I want the opposite camera as yours

Craig wrote:

I love my D3s but it weighs a ton with my nikor zoom lenses so I don't want another brick, like the D4 or D4s which is getting out of the ball park for expense even thought I could right it off.

So to me just give me the D4, or I would really like the D4s sensor in the 810 body.

Funny thing is I am looking for exactly opposite, as a current 3 Canon 1-Series and D800E owner and previously D3 owner, now about to add a second D800E, the only thing I was hoping for is a D810 sensor in a D4 body and I will be all set for a while. One of the problem I have with my D800E is the body, I have to add the vertical grip to it not just so I can use the bigger battery and make it faster or what, it's just to make it more comfortable to shoot with, and even with the VG, it still feels pretty horrible when compare to my 1DS MK III and old D3 in terms of handling. So all I am dreaming about is the "D4X" with 810 sensor, I will even cut down my other expense to save up for that. LOL, if I really really need a smaller one, there is already a A7R out there which offers great image quality. By the way, I will never go back to lower resolution camera, I have plenty of those and don't need another one.

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