Canon FD 50mm 1.4 with FD-NEX adapter on A7 problems

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Re: Canon FD adapter operation

dandoro wrote:

This is the most comprehensive post, but thank you all! I finally got it. I took the same three pictures, and now everything is changed - exposure times, ISO, and vignetting of course. Take a look.




Vignetting is gone at smaller apertures as expected. But a new problem arrised. As you can see in the last pic, it seems that I have few dust particles on the sensor. They still appear in pics, at f8, and f5.6, only at f4 I can see any presence of dust. I cleaned the lens, but nothing, I cleaned automatically the sensor, but nothing, they're still there... What should I do further?

Learn how to clean your sensor with a wet swab.  It isn't 'easy', but neither is it skilled labour.  There are on line tutorials and videos, watch a few then give it a go.  Beware of which swab you buy -- apparently some don't play nice with Sony sensors.  Be cautious, is all.

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