Changes to D810 Sensor?

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Re: Changes to D810 Sensor?

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I live in Japan. So today I went down to the camera stores and grabbed a brochure for the upcoming D810.

What caught my eyes is a description of how they acheived ISO64. Based on my limited Japanese, it seems to say that the underlying pixel bin (or diode) can store 2/3 more light intensity information. If you look at the pictures below, those yellow dots illustrates cmulative intensity information (its not a physical structure). Most importantly, it says its a newly designed chip at the top.

Assuming that what is said is true, logically does that mean the dynamic range will increase further for other ISO settings (since each pixel bin can now store more intensity information)???

Base ISO DR will increase provided there is no additional read noise penalty related to the pixels holding the extra charge - for some older traditional designs there is an associated penalty, ie like the D3s - for newer designs like the D4/Df/D4s, less so. There will not be an increase in DR for other ISOs from this change because the saturation level (full-well capacity) for those ISOs is likely the same, if the general efficiency (quantum efficiency) of gathering light is the same as the D800. However, the bump in max ISO tells me there is probably a reduction in High ISO read noise, which means more High ISO DR, which in turn means cleaner shadows at High ISO. I'm guessing this will put the D810 much closer to the D4/Df/D4s sensor performance, esp. if they also reduced the purple heat noise at the bottom of the frame from the D800/E.

Is this effect only present in the D800 or also in the D610? I am also hoping tgey have solved the issue. What is the probable cause?

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