Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: Check out these photos with that sensor and 70-300 CX

cainn24 wrote:

technic wrote:

cainn24 wrote:

But the images from experienced Nikon 1 users with this lens look VERY sharp

What does and does not constitute "VERY sharp" is invariably a matter of opinion. In fact such strong adjectives should probably be reserved for describing prime lenses, unless you have phrases like "ridiculously, unbelievably, STUPIDLY sharp" in reserve for just those sorts of special occasions.

Anyway, perhaps an example would be the best benchmark

one example is this post:

So you are saying that those shots, all downsampled to 3.2MP or so, are clearly better than anything that can be produced with a XX-300mm MFT lens?

No, I just think that those shots look very good compared to most of the long zoom shots I see on the m43 forum. And I'm 100% sure that most m43 zooms are much less sharp at 300mm, because even the owners often complain about lens quality at the top end of the zoom (Olympus 75-300 II might be a positive exception, if you get a good copy).

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