Canon FD 50mm 1.4 with FD-NEX adapter on A7 problems

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Re: Canon FD 50mm 1.4 with FD-NEX adapter on A7 problems

dandoro wrote:

I have the combo mentioned in the title, but it seems that the adaptor sucks. Here is the adaptor (which lenghth is 20,5 mm).

And here are three pics taken with it, at f1.4, f8 and f22 (in this order).

The vignetting is horrible in all those three pics, and it seems to be the same in all three. Is the adaptor's fault? It should be longer than 20,5 mm or it is built for NEX APSC and not suitable for full frame? Is it the lens? But such vignetting even on f22...c'mooon. Any ideas? The aperture don't appear on the camera's LCD, is it normal? It is normal to not appear in the EXIF, though, as far as I know... And one more question - the ON/OFF adaptor's switch is used for moving the aperture ring, right? But why can I move it no matter how the ON/OFF switch is set? Is it normal?

The pin that engages the lens aperture lever on some adapters is too short to touch and move it. Look through the camera side of the adapter as you rotate the off-on control. I bet the adapter pin doesn't reach the lens aperture control thing-a-mah-jig.

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