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Re: US Web Coated. Oops

Robin Casady wrote:

j_photo wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

I still want to run the comparison test again to see what differences are seen between editing in sRGB and editing in a larger gamut and converting to sRGB. Since so many pundits say to edit big and convert I'd like to try and get a handle on the pros and cons of that.

Maybe if you are processing an image with significant colors outside of the smaller color space, working in a larger space can give you more latitude to make accurate adjustments before converting for your final output?

Yes, but is it better to edit in sRGB (as Stacy says) when the image does not have bright colors? Odell doesn't recommend editing in sRGB at all. It is pretty much set working space to ProPhotoRGB and leave it there.

Here is an interesting article by Jason Odell:

Yes, I had read that. His message is basically editing in ProPhotoRGB is better than editing in Adobe RGB, but there are caveats. His is one of the articles that makes me to pursue this further.

I personally don't agree with his logic.This is simply "wow it is bigger so it must be better!"

When you do need "elbow room", that is -exactly what you have- before you process the RAW file. There is -no colorspace- in the RAW file and as you are making adjustments. It only is compressed or restricted by a color space -after- you bake it. With some practice, you will be able to look at the image and think "hmm, this one is pretty hot" and -if- the final output is a print, work in aRGB. If it's destined for the web, there is not really any point in doing that.

Once you have the white balance/hue/contrast/shadows etc all finalized, how much elbow room in a color space do you need for the other work in PS? Anything after the RAW bake, should be pretty minor or you need to go back to the RAW file.

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