This is the camera I really want

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Re: This is the camera I really want

Craig wrote:

I know, I know its been said in many different ways but I am going to say it.

I am short for words so the rest can fill in the blanks.

I love my D3s but it weighs a ton with my nikor zoom lenses so I don't want another brick, like the D4 or D4s which is getting out of the ball park for expense even thought I could right it off.

So to me just give me the D4, or I would really like the D4s sensor in the 810 body.

Perfect upgrade from my 12MP plus a low noise sensor. But NO.......You need 36MP.s and you will like it.

16MP files are plenty big enough for anyones needs. So pros need less MP.s but amours need 3 times as many.. duh.

Why do they push this idea that more MP.s is what amateur photographers need?????

Its ludicrous to give 36 MP.s for people who may NEVER print larger than 11x14 maybe 16x20 on occassion since very few people ever print anymore. The majority of peoples pictures end up low rez FB size to share online. How many labs are hurting and going our of business today?

I left KM/Sony because of this very reason. They pushed high MP count cameras rather than working on the low noise ones. I bought the 12MP 700 and over 800 iso it stunk.

Why, because they cater to the stupidity of the consumers and its all about selling cameras so MORE MP.s is always better right?

I will probably end up getting the d810 since it should work fine but its not what I want.

Sounds like you want a D710.

Foolish Nikon not making it.

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