Teleconverter used om nomal DSLR lens ?

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Re: Can any "golden rule" be set up ?


As an example of a combo I find interesting I could mention the TC-E17ED, (60mm), used on a Canon EF 200mm F/2.8 L II USM having a 72mm filter-tread

If there were such a rule, I don't think teleconverter thread size would be part of it.

The TC-E17ED may have 60mm threads, but the rear lens element is much smaller than that - it sits in a substantial black metal frame or "port hole".

The Canon TC-DC58A has smaller 58mm threads, but it has a much bigger rear lens element (biggest I've seen) ie. much less metal frame around it. And consequently, it allows a lot more wide angle before vignetting than the TC-E17ED (or any other teleconverter I've used)

Thickness of stepping rings and any gap between threads and rear teleconverter element would probably also be factors in where vignetting begins/ends.

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