Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: Check out these photos with that sensor and 70-300 CX

cainn24 wrote:

But the images from experienced Nikon 1 users with this lens look VERY sharp

What does and does not constitute "VERY sharp" is invariably a matter of opinion. In fact such strong adjectives should probably be reserved for describing prime lenses, unless you have phrases like "ridiculously, unbelievably, STUPIDLY sharp" in reserve for just those sorts of special occasions.

Anyway, perhaps an example would be the best benchmark

one example is this post:

Keep in mind this is still very early, people have been using this lens for just a very short time, so you are not yet seeing the best they can do with this camera/lens combo. For me this looks very promising (and yes, of course one can also find bad shots from the cx70-300 lens with wrong focus, camera shake etc. ...).

Although this is a 'crap' Nikon 1 sensor, the IQ at higher ISO seems definitely better than from my (admittedly old) 450D DSLR

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