5Dmk3 custom user settings - What do you set?

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Re: 5Dmk3 custom user settings - What do you set?

Flashollie wrote:

So my new 5Dm3 arrived and i have been enjoying just snapping away and getting used to the feel etc over the last week. I have the 24-105 and 70-200 2.8. I am considering the new 16-35 f4 with IS.

As I shoot a bit of everything, landscapes, family portraits on days out and sports, I thought I would assign each CFn button to each genre of photography. Also useful for if I pass the camera to my girlfriend or daughter as they like to snap me. I can choose something quickly for the scene for them....

So those with experience of the 5D3 what are you standard preferences as a starter for each of these genres.

Obviously each situation will require tweaks to get a good exposure but what I would like to do is get a good ball park starter setting for; aperture, shutter speed, ISO and perhaps more importantly the slightly slower to alter; white balance though I suspect I will leave that as auto for now, metering, AF servo,AF servo one shot center point all points max iso and all those pictures styles - are they worthwhile in jpeg?etc

I have set up 3 modes for my custom dials. One is for flash photography indoor: ISO 800, f8, 1/200 exposure time. One is for portraits: ISO auto, f2.8, 1/160 ( I shoot mostly with a 85mm f1.8). The last one is for video: ISO auto, f8, 1/50. If you want them to be quick dials, they should work without any tweaks actually.

I will always shoot raw to the CF and I think, the jpeg for easy and speed of handling later to the SD does this sound wise? or would this affect the length of burst in sports.....

I realize this is very subjective to each person and what they are trying to get from their photos, but to prompt a discussion here will help me start out and help me think..

Thanks in advance.

Shooting raw to the CF and JPG to the SD does limit the burst more than shooting raw on both. I have Lexar 1000x CF and Lexar 600x SD cards and this is what I noticed. Best is to shoot only on CF if you want fast bursts for sports. I think you can set up one of the custom dials for that if you would like. For me CF only in RAw gives me about 25 shots befoere slowing down. But it keeps on going even after that. On the CF + SD RAW gives me about 13 shots, slows down for about 6-7 more and then it stops for a while and I cannot take another picture. Raw on CF and Jpg to SD gives me about 7 shots before slowing down. Also if you have a SD card it takes a lot more for the buffer to empty and be able to shoot another burst than if you only use CF. Hope this helps.

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