Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: Check out these photos with that sensor and 70-300 CX

technic wrote:

cainn24 wrote:

Really? I haven't seen anything to suggest that the 70-300 is sharper than the MFT equivalents. Has there been any controlled testing that involved such a direct comparison?

no, of course there hasn't been a controlled test (which would be almost impossible for bird shots etc. ...).

By definition a controlled test wouldn't involve a restless subject. In order to get an idea of how much feather detail you can resolve with a particular lens in ideal conditions, all you need is subject matter with a similar degree of fine detail.

But the images from experienced Nikon 1 users with this lens look VERY sharp

What does and does not constitute "VERY sharp" is invariably a matter of opinion. In fact such strong adjectives should probably be reserved for describing prime lenses, unless you have phrases like "ridiculously, unbelievably, STUPIDLY sharp" in reserve for just those sorts of special occasions.

Anyway, perhaps an example would be the best benchmark

, and most of the images I see from m43 zooms taken at the long end from the zoom look far from convincing.

Show me the Nikon 1 70-300mm shots, at full tele, that have convinced you that it is clearly superior to the best results achievable with an equivalent MFT lens.

Understand though that I'm not just making you work here because I feel like being an a-hole, I'm actually very interested in having the best compact birding setup I can get myself. But I'm not about to be swayed by marketing hype and the enthusiasm it generates in lieu of actual definitive evidence.

The cheaper m43 bodies definitely can't compete on (AF) speed so those are no option for me,

I'd also be interested in seeing this particular difference properly quantified too.

come on, everyone knows DSLRs have better AF (speed/tracking) than older mirrorless cameras ...

Again, I am interested in the comparison between the Nikon 1 V3 and all the more affordable MFT bodies.

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