Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: Check out these photos with that sensor and 70-300 CX

cainn24 wrote:

The nikon cx70-300 lens is probably worth the high price, it is well built and really sharp (judging from sample images) even at full zoom. This is not the quality you get from a m43 consumer zoom or the normal Nikon (DSLR) 70-300 zooms but a clear step up. Lenses that are a bit better are often much more expensive ...

Really? I haven't seen anything to suggest that the 70-300 is sharper than the MFT equivalents. Has there been any controlled testing that involved such a direct comparison?

no, of course there hasn't been a controlled test (which would be almost impossible for bird shots etc. ...). But the images from experienced Nikon 1 users with this lens look VERY sharp, and most of the images I see from m43 zooms taken at the long end from the zoom look far from convincing. I'm pretty sure there is a significant different in lens quality (maybe also significant sample variation, on m43 ...).

P.S.: this is also a deciding factor for FZ1000: the top end of the zoom range needs to be really sharp near wide open, otherwise I'm not interested. For me the camera would be only for certain nature/wildlife/closeup shots and not for general use. I'm not really going to use the lower part of the zoom range (although image quality on sample shots looks VERY good for such a big zoom range). The short 'preview' on Luminous Landscape wasn't very positive about the top end of the FZ1000 zoom but I doubt LL is the most reliable source for this type of testing. Maybe the better sensor of FZ1000 (compared to Nikon 1) can compensate for slightly lower optical quality?

The cheaper m43 bodies definitely can't compete on (AF) speed so those are no option for me,

I'd also be interested in seeing this particular difference properly quantified too.

come on, everyone knows DSLRs have better AF (speed/tracking) than older mirrorless cameras ...

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