Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: Not Trolling. Lots of good stuff being talked about.

phazelag wrote:

halfwaythere wrote:

I'm still trying to decide if this thread is pure trolling or a diversion meant to draw attention to the nikon 1 system.

I don't think Nikon will sabotage their 1 system by introducing a fixed lens alternative. They have enough problems as it is since their are selling most of their 1 products at firesale prices.

This isn't trolling. My interest in the Nikon 1 system is based on the 70-300 CX lens. Which is 189mm to 810mm equivalent. The reason I posted in this Forum is because there plenty of people here who photograph birds who see the potential of that combo for birds and bugs.

I realize the P700 rumor is far fetched. But there are plenty of people here who would still welcome a true super zoom with a decent reach. I can't afford the Nikon 1 V3 with that lens right now. The FZ1000 is more in line with my price and will meet many needs for me, but I am still baffled that High quality Superzoom from any company that could beet my FZ200 is still not out. Yes the the FZ1000 is superior in lots of ways, but I still welcome a brand who makes maybe a 2/3rds sensor with 1000mm in high quality.

If you look at my gear, my galleries, my challenges, I am not here to troll. I am here like everyone else to talk the merits of equipment. I would love for a company to pay me, but thats not happening.

I suggest you re-read the title of this thread. If that's not a cry for attention I don't know what is. And the fact that you base your argument on an unsubstantiated ludicrous rumor doesn't really help your claim that you're not trolling.

You either have a severe physics understanding deficiency that lets you believe that a manufacturer would build a product so ridiculous or you simply don't need the FZ1000. Either way it's not something worth sharing on the internet.

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