a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

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Re: a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

DXO marks DR results are hopeless, a 5DIII still registers some info at a similar DR to a 6D but the banding of the 5DIII makes the last few stops of DR of very poor quality. Some of the Sony sensors show good detail but the limitation is colour accuracy.

I wouldn't call them hopeless, as they correlate quite well to usability of shadow detail in RAW files. For example, according to their data, base ISO DR goes as follows: a7R > a7S >> 5DIII. Which correlates exactly with my real-world experience. You do bring up a good point about banding, which make the 5DIII shadows even less useful. That's a tough problem to tackle, though.

It's THE problem. Not tackling it makes the numbers utterly worthless in the real world. They put 5DIII and 6D 0.4 stop apart. Really? Not in my tests, no where near that close. It would suggest that all you had to do to make the 5DIII's shadows as useable as the 6D's was by using an expose 1/3rd of a stop higher. Anyone with both cameras knows that is not true. So if they are miles off there why would I trust the A7r/A7s findings? I certainly have no more reason to trust it over Sony's DR value.

No point in talking read noise this / SNR that if you can't actually use the DR in a real image.
Why not do your own COMPARATIVE test rather than relying on DXO?


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