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Re: EM10 for me (after coming from an EM5)

Sure. But how will it be an improvement on the EM5 and not threaten sales of the EM1 and EM10?

Doesn't matter what it threatens in the Oly range so long as it`s Oly doing the threatening and it adds something to the range .

Personally I like the EM5/10 form factor - it`s unique, the EM1 is too DSLR-wannabe, the pens are - well, what they are and always were .. therefore having a tough camera in the original OMD form factor which has the SD card where it should be (on the side) , has the bigger battery, has the full on IBIS,  weathersealing and shoe expansion port and no cheesy plastic popup flash IMO is a good thing ..

all an EM5 Mk2 needs is updating with a higher rez screen (make that a higher rez OLED too), the latest AF (not necessarily with PDAF Pixels, save those for the E7 fill-in EM1 and 4/3 glass) , the best 2.8Mp viewfinder (again maybe not as big as the EM1s ) and the rest of the latest stuff such as Wifi etc if they deem it necessary (I don`t, WIFI is for Studio in my book and that in Oly world means EM1 again) .

They could use an EM5 MK2 to launch a new Sony made sensor too with 22Mp or whatever - with the way that 1:1,7" and 1" sensors have improved for noise and DR (witness the Sony RX series and the Nikon P330/7700 series) they ought to be able do M43 at 22Mp with less nose and more DR than the current 16Mp sensor gives.

if they do this then Yeah, the EM1 will feel left out for a while until its updated - that Happens - look how long the E3 was still in the range with its soft DR challenged 10Mp sensor when the Pens raced along with the superior 12Mp chip.

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