85mm or thereabouts FE lens?

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Re: 85mm or thereabouts FE lens?

captura wrote:

salla30 wrote:

thanks for clarifying and updating me.

Much appreciated!

More FE lenses is a certainty if Sony is serious about surviving in the full-frame mirrorless market. But does this also signal the end of new lenses intended for their APS-C cameras? Does Sony expect that consumers will buy the large FE lenses, instead? When was last new Sony APS-C lens introduced...aside from a few uber-expensive Zeiss offerings?

Sony 18105G. There is a good variety of choice now and it may slow a bit for APS-C but I much doubt development will come to an end either from Sony, Zeiss or all the other third party lens makers for APS-C. There are a lot of new potential customers with buy in of the A6000. There will be another faster/higher end APS-C I think as well. The a77II is doing well and faster FPS will always be an advantage with APS-C. FF can't compete on with continuous burst. There is a whole new customer base with faster fps and AF speeds with APS-C whereas FF is going to get you better IQ.

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