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Re: m43 vs. Nikon DX - similar subject

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I'm not sure wht these pictures are supposed to prove.

I don't think they are suppose to prove anything; just two samples.

OP - Either camera/lens will do fine with macro; just use the one that you feel more comfortable using. I like m43 (and E-M5 in particular) for macro work just due to the live view and tilt screen. Since the camera is so much lighter, you really dont need to spend $1k on a tripod/head to get a steady base either.

I posted the pictures as a concrete example of results for one specific application. (They have both been cropped down to show a single flower. Not quite 1 image pixel to one screen pixel but close.) I stated my conclusion from these and hundreds of other pictures. m43 gear can deliver more-or-less equivalent results to DSLRs with APS-C sensors for this application.

I should hope so given that you're comparing to an APS-C camera that was released over 5 yrs. ago. A comparison with one of the 24MP dx cameras would be much more illuminating.

I'm not forcing any conclusions on anyone but just offering additional material.

I did my homework and made my decision some time ago. I needed to reduce the weight I carried. I also wanted the benefits of EVF based functions like focus peaking. My move from Nikon DX gear to m43 has worked out quite well and I'm not going back.

In the process, I moved to a sensor/lens combination that allows me to get more depth of field at the cost of having more images where the background still has some detail. My choice.

Your point about tripods is a good one. I went from carrying 10 lb. setup of DSLR camera, lens, tripod head and legs to a 4 lb. m43 setup. I recently bought a $ 25 tripod with head that brings the weight down to 3-3.5 lb. It is steady enough for use with a 1.5 lb. body + lens combination.

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