Are we a bit misdirected?

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Re: Are we a bit misdirected?

Gray Drake wrote:

Just a comment about photo quality and it's ability to capture the reality/beauty/emotion of a moment in time. We spend most of our time here (including me) with assessments of the technical marvels of our cameras and our skill with editing.

After looking at this photo taken by my daughter (which I captured off her facebook page), I again humbly realize the effectiveness of the delivery of the essence of the moment to the viewer of the photo has little to do with the technical capability of our equipment or our skill at the computer


Despite the fact that it's a nice image I think it could look nicer. Obviously it's going to look bad captured from a website but the camera it was originally captured with will undoubtably effect how much it can be improved.

This may not matter so some people but I see nothing wrong with having an image that captures a nice memory which is also technically good. I'd choose it over a poor image of a nice memory any day.

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