>>> Voting - Olympus Challenge 238 – Beatles song titles < by Michael

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>>> Voting - Olympus Challenge 238 – Beatles song titles < by Michael

Okay everyone, with any luck, I have done this correctly and the voting for the Beatles song titles Challenge is now OPEN!

Here's how it works....

It's recommended to view the images full-size before voting, either stepping through them or in slide-show mode. Mere thumbnails simply don’t carry the impact of a larger image, and it honours the photographers to respect their work by seeing it in large-view.

Anyone can vote and there are still two more days to comment on the entries, until 2100 GMT on Wednesday, July 9th. 2014 Your vote matters!

This is how you do it: In each gallery -- Exhibition and Competition -- you have 16 points (votes) to give out among your favourite entries (but do not vote for your own). Please vote in both galleries.

In each gallery, you must assign 4 points to one entry, and then you can share the remaining 12 points as you wish, but you cannot give 4 points to another entry in the same gallery. Other entries can get 1, 2, or 3 points until the 16 run out.

In addition to allocating 16 points per gallery, you can award Honourable Mentions; just click on the "H" instead of a point-number. There's no limit on the number of “H”s you can give. “H”s have practical value as well as glory; they are a tie-breaker when entries' point totals are equal.

In the voting page given below, if you use the same login name upon returning, you can make changes up until voting closes. Be sure to 'Save' your completed vote, so it will be there if you want to come back later to review/change.

If you are new to the voting, I think you will find it wonderfully easy, thanks to Warren's wonderful voting machine, invented many years ago and still going strong. The voting period is from now until 9 pm (GMT) on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014.

Here is a handy time checker: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/

The Results post will appear as soon as possible after tabulation (it sometimes takes more time than we would wish). Our overall top pick in the Competition Gallery is the winner and earns the photographer the honour of setting a theme for the next challenge, and moderating that challenge round.

Vote here: http://warrensarle.com/vote/

Our Challenge gallerieshttp://www.pbase.com/oly_foto_review/c238_challenge

As always, on behalf of all in the forum our grateful thanks and continuing appreciation for PBase's generosity in hosting our challenges and to Warren Sarle for his Magical Voting Machine.

Please vote!


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