Well, I just ordered the Samsung 16-50 PZ f3.5-5.6 OIS lens...

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Re: Well, I just ordered the Samsung 16-50 PZ f3.5-5.6 OIS lens...

Ben Herrmann wrote:

...and I was surprised to see that when the lens is sold separately, there apparently is no lens cap or hood included at all? I say that because on the B&H website - under the "whats included" tab - it just shows the lens and nothing else.

Yet, for the recommended accessories on their site, they mention a 43 MM filter (understandable) and various lens caps (which begs the question, "is no lens cap included with the camera). No hoods are mentioned at all - so this has me perplexed as to why Samsung didn't (at a minimum) include a front lens cap? Or is B&H mistaken on this (I would hope so)?

I already have a game plan for this lens - using a 43-52 MM step up ring (slim model) and a wide angle (not the flared out type) 52 MM metal lens hood.

I'll take some photos of this setup and post in the near future as I've very successfully outfitted various unique lenses this way and they worked out fantastically.

Either way, this lens is now seeping into various online outlets.

There mustbe a lens cap included, if only to protect the lens while it's being transported to the customer! So I'm sure, there will be one. As for the lens hood, I guess Samsung decided that a pancake lens doesn't need one, there isn't one included with the 30/2 either (that I know). Kind of makes sense too. I wouldn't miss it too much myself as the hood slightly defeats the purpose of a pancake lens i.e. the smallest possible size At times for some lenses, I carry a small, extending rubber hood that attaches to the filter threads.

Some of the (ingenious) Pentax limited lenses include a sliding, built-in lens hood, like the 15mm f/4 http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/pentax_15_4_p15 (another one is the 77mm f/1.8 limited) I guess, that sort of thing might work for a pancake zoom too.

Anyway, congrats on you upcoming PZ 16-50, be sure to post what you think abou it!

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