Cancelled my FZ1000 order for now.

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Re: Check out these photos with that sensor and 70-300 CX

phazelag wrote:

OOh, I forgot about that sensor. IQ is pretty lousy compared to the Sony sensor. I would have no interest and would rather have DFD focusing and superior IQ.

I think the IQ was the older sensors. The photos from LTZ400 always tell me what can be done. I think this sensor is capable of more than most people think.

Agree, some of the photos from the new Nikon CX70-300 on Nikon 1 V3 look very good, despite low ratings of the camera (sensor) by DXO etc. And it seems AF etc. works pretty well too. Even though FZ1000 has a better sensor, it remains to be seen if the lens and AF is good enough in practice to compete with the Nikon.

Unfortunately the V3 plus CX70-300 lens is VERY expensive, about 2.5x FZ1000 price

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