Moire anyone?

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rovingtim Veteran Member • Posts: 8,644
Only trolls see artefacts or CA in Oly files.

Big Ga wrote:

veroman wrote:

As far as the fence color goes, the photo was shot (obviously) just before full sunset, with the setting sun shining right on the posts. Other than pulling back on the yellow a little bit 'cause I thought there was too much, that's pretty much the color of those posts at that time; tan with a bit of setting-sun, golden yellow/brown.

I'm referring to the background part of the fence where the wood seems to have taken on purple and green hues. Or haven't you been able to see that?

Big Ga, you are a troll!

Just to be clear, obviously the fence is naturally purple and green. So is much of the world. The files posted on this forum prove it. Only the older Oly models can't capture the true dazzling colour of the real world.

Now, where's that complaint button?

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