Cameras down, PC, down, phones up, what does it all mean?

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Cameras down, PC, down, phones up, what does it all mean?

Here is what I think.

I have a 2010 desktop I5 with an SSD and 3 spindle hard drives in a raid0. I have a 2 year old I7 laptop with an SSD, I bought a tablet  2 years ago. I have a Nikon D200 I have been wanting to upgrade and a Canon 7d. I bought a Samsung galaxy Note 3 last Christmas.

The I5 handles much of my photography, music. No problems, no need to upgrade. Nothing software or hardware wise that I need, it has usb3 and SATA 6gb. There is nothing on the horizon to make me want to upgrade. There has to be a lot of people like me that are not going to upgrade.

The laptop I upgraded and am not going to upgrade for a long time because again there is nothing on the horizon that makes me want to upgrade the unit has usb3, 240gb msata drive, 2 1 tb spindle drives that are accelerated by the msata ssd and a bluray burner.

I bought a tablet. Used it for books pictures and movies on the plane. It is completely replaced by the note 3. I will never buy a tablet again.

The d200 I would like to upgrade to the D810, but the D810 lacks 4k video, faster FPS, and for me it is not worth the money for the upgrade because the D200 does everything I want except high ISO performance (but the 7d does this much better). So it is not going to get upgraded. Nikon has nothing on the horizon that makes me want to upgrade.

I would love a 5d3, but it is not that big of a resolution upgrade to the 7d and I would probably get a D810 instead.

So nothing will get updated in the next 2 years NOTHING, accept my note 3 and it will be upgraded when my contract runs out not this Christmas but next.

So my numbers will drive up smartphone sales and decline DSLR sales. I think there are a lot of people like me.

Why are tablet sales going up? Because it is a novelty, once you buy one, you will understand your phone does much of the same and probably not buy another for a long time, in which the "sky will be falling" on tablet sales at some point in the near future.

Mirrorless is a novelty as well, many dslr owners have purchased them in addition. But between the mirrorless and the current DSLR, what gains in the photography industry have we seen that really make you want to upgrade your mirrorless or DsLR.. IMHO not a whole lot.

But most likely you will be upgrading your phone at the end of your contract, possibly sooner for those that love the huge leaps and bounds phones have made in progress over the last 7. 7 years ago my phone had a 2mp camera, now it is a small computer with a great point and shoot camera.

So I think this is what is driving the numbers. market saturation, what products are making huge leaps in technology. Are you going to buy a Canon 5d5 because it has 40mp? Possibly but most people understand that there are not that much gains and the most of the gains in cameras in the last 5 years have been incremental.

So what we will see is even more people buying new phones increased user base. Contracts drop and people get the next latest and greatest new "free or reduced price" phone every two years.

Yep, camera and pc sales are going to go down because there is no big leaps to cause people to desire to buy or upgrade a camera or PC. But you will get a new phone in the next 2 years (or most people will) Cameras and PCs will never compete with this upgrade battle. Their numbers will slow to a sustainable rate. I don't see phones declining for a long time.

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