Which tele? 70-300 or 150-600?

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Re: Which tele? 70-300 or 150-600?

Steve Hoffmann wrote:

These lenses are purposed very differently. One is a very portable 'all purpose' medium tele zoom and the other is geared more toward sports or wildlife, Unless you are big and well muscled you will probably need at least a monopod to do any sustained work with that Tamron. The Tamron probably doesn't even come close to the IQ of the Canon throughout the comparable zoom ranges.

I agree with Steve. I would definitely think about those two key elements

  • Weight
  • image quality

The Canon is a seriously well performing lens and it handles well. But personally, I find even the Canon's 1050 grams a bit of a pain at times to carry while traveling. I would hate to drag the Tamron (1951 grams) along all day... With your camera's light weight the Tamron would make for a very nose heavy balance.

But the 600mm is a lot more than the 70-300L can reach. I suggest you go try both on you camera and see how they feel, handle and see a few test shots to find out how you like the image quality.

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