Keep my new 50LF1.2 or return it for a 50mmArt ?!?

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Re: My 50L was "soft" until….

Wooow that may sound the way to go really.

May I ask you how much you pay and how much time did it take to get it sent, fix and reship to you? Also did you have to send your 5D as well?!?!? Id be nervous to have these 2 babies out there in the wild...mmmmmmmm

....But the result does seem nice.

I followed the advices I got on this thread and operate a AFMA setting at different distance sensor/subject but in the end, I found that the factory setting was the best compromise...sometime -10 seemed the right choice, some other time +10 seemed sharper so i figured 0 would be the most sensitive (best???) call.

However if you think that Canon can make a better work, why not ?...

Also after 2 weeks debate I decided to keep my 50L. I do know that the 50A is sharper but i decided to stick with my first motivations that pushed me to go for the 50L, mainly its "artier" (call me old fashion) look

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