Small (or smallest) pouch case for E-M10 (or equiv.) + lens

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Re: Small (or smallest) pouch case for E-M10 (or equiv.) + lens

Janbe78 wrote:

Hi all,

I'm so happy with my E-M10 I want to take it everywhere. But I feel uncomfortable to leave it hanging on my chest/body all of the time. (I want to avoid scratches, dirt etc.)

Can someone recommend a small/light case or pouch that will fit the E-M10 and a not too big lens (e.g. the 17mm f1.8 or the 20mm f1.7)?

I've looked into half-cases but they only protect half of the body of course.



Just a data point for you, not a recommendation on a small light case, because in the end, I am not sure how the EM10 would fit.

Just got a BlackRapid SnapR35  combo case, sling, wrist strap.

It is an interesting, though as yet untested combination that attaches sling style to the tripod socket, and can be used as a shoulder case that turns into a sling, a standalone sling, or if you wanted to ditch the whole case and sling, comes with a wrist strap.

Very small, potentially very flexible.  The SnapR 35 will fit a GX7 and 20 mm lens or 14 mm lens.   The two side pouches are slim, but big enough for one to carry the wrist strap, extra battery, extra card while the other side pouch will fit, tightly, a 14mm lens.  For both the 20 and 14, you have to use the Frederick Glickner style 46 mm to 37mm step down ring "lens hood"  trick and small 37 mm pinch style lens cap.  A traditional lens hood would be too large, and I think a folding rubber lens hood would be too "sticky", catching on the interior of the case.

For the EM10, I think the SnapR35 may be too short due to the viewfinder hump, although I also have a generic leather half case on the GX7 making it taller than normal which may make up in part of the hump, so you would have to try the EM10.  I would judge that while the 20mm fits, the the 17mm might be too long (not having a 17mm, I cannot say for sure).

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