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not uninformative

Robin Casady wrote:

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Robin Casady wrote:

2. Why do normal looking photos often have out of gamut colors? This seems to be common to web images with bright colors. Stacy's image below was, I assume, processed in sRGB. The color detail in the flower was not blown out. The image looked normal. Yet almost all of the flower is out of gamut. What does this mean?

It means you have the proof device/profile set to something other than sRGB, likely a monitor profile or some other default device. It can't be out of gamut for it's own color space.

OK, that was it. Thanks. It was set for US Web Coated for a print job. I'd forgot about that. I've changed it to document profile. That made the difference. I'd assumed gamut warning was set by the working color space. Oops.

Sorry about the attitude. I got my back up when I read, "I'm not sure what you are doing wrong but those examples are a -good example- of a mixed up color management workflow." which I found to be dismissive, insulting, and uninformative.

I read that as concise, factual, and helpful (pointed directly to the problem even though the person was not sure what you might be doing wrong). The statement was actually spot on. In fact, the whole side topics was darn helpful and informative. Thanks all. Learned another trick or two. Excellent thread, in that regard.

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