was asked to do street photography for a magazine... do I need model releases?

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Michael Fryd
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Re: was asked to do street photography for a magazine... do I need model releases?

Stilograph wrote:

At least where I come from, public streets are okay to shoot in. Here the law defines however, that you can't take an image of a single person without their consent. If the person is in context with something bigger, like, say a fair, it's all good. You can't however ridicule him. It's a fine line. I would just go and ask the permission, easier that way.

In the USA there is a different laws for whether or not you are allowed to take a photograph of a person, vs. what you are allowed to do with the photo once it is taken.

For instance, generally I don't need permission, to take a photo of a person sitting on a bench in a public park.

I probably would not need permission in order to use the photo alongside a story about the city wanting to remove the park benches.

However, I probably need the person's permission, if I want to use that photo in an advertisement for the company that makes those benches.

The rules for when you can photograph a person without permission are more lenient than the rules for what you are allowed to do with that photograph.

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